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Parents and us

Education is a family affair. Therefore, Garderie Harmonie gives importance to the relationship between parents and educators. From the morning until the evening, we will always be present and listening. Whenether you have questions or suggestions, you are always welcome.


Prices and childcare costs


Infants (0 to 18 months) - 55$/day 

Toddler (18 months to 6yo) - 53$/day 


IMPORTANT: The advance payment for the Québec government care expenses you can now pay the same price for a C.P.E which is suitable to $ 8.75. Your income will determine the amount of the installments.


Tax credits


To calculate your cost of care and know the amount of your advance versements, use the calculator. You will find below pdf documents necessary for your request:


Calculate your childcare cost
N.B : Due to anticipated government payments , private childcare costs parents the same price as a C.P.E

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